Calling All Animal Lovers

I have always been a big animal lover and have adopted all of my pets and believe Rescues are the best breed. The Humane Society as well as many local no kill pet shelters are doing heroes work to save animals that are otherwise abandoned, abused, lost or forgotten. My beautiful and sweet border collie, Zara, came from one of those shelters. I still can’t believe someone would give her away because everyone who comes to know Zara, instantly falls in love.

I met Zara on the Today Show when she was on for a pet travel segment. Lucky for me, she was up for adoption and our connection was instant. We fell in love and I knew I had to have her. My husband and kids also fell in love the minute we picked her up at the shelter (North Shore Animal League in Long Island, NY). To this day I can’t imagine life now without her. Zara has completed our family and is the best friend we all wanted and needed.

No one is happier to see me when I get home after a day’s work, a few days away or weeks away—she cannot contain her joy. She has also added so much to our family and has given our boys such confidence as well as empathy and compassion for all living creatures.

Please don’t buy, visit a shelter first and you may find your own beautiful best friend.

See the brilliant PSA by the Ad Council which feature Zara to help spread the message to adopt not buy.