Want to Adopt? This Will Help.

I first met Becky Fawcett, the Founder of Help Us Adopt about 9 years ago. I had just had my second child, Luke, when I got an email from Becky telling me about the organization she had founded, called Help Us Adopt. As a mom blessed twice over I knew I was one of the very lucky ones and Becky’s story and her mission made me want to shine a spotlight on the great work she was doing to help others becomes parents.

In 2007, Becky founded the organization after having adopted her own child and knowing how life changing it was for her family. She has since adopted her second child and her family is now complete, but Becky wanted anyone with a loving heart wanting to become a parent (regardless of race, religion, marital status or sexual orientation) to have a fair chance at adoption by awarding grants from $5,000-15,000 dollars.

The adoption process is very expensive and therefore selective – it can cost upwards of $35,000 – $50,000. Many people go into debt when they try to adopt a child. Since 2007, Help us Adopt has awarded more than $2 million dollars in grants to 230 people.

That makes 230 families – and children who otherwise were living in uncertainty, now have loving homes. I followed a few of those who Help Us Adopt helped transform their lives:

And here’s another incredible adoption story thanks to Help Us Adopt:

Beth Brooks received a $6,000 grant through Help Us Adopt in 2017. She’s a single mom and a teacher, and this will be her second adoption.
She had adopted a child from Ethiopia named Eden in 2010 (not through Help Us Adopt; she had scraped and saved for years). Eden was extremely malnourished when she got her at 18 months, and Beth knew there was something more serious going on. A few months later, Eden was diagnosed with Leukodystophy around the age of 2, a degenerative brain disorder that is fatal.

Beth did an amazing job taking care of her very sick little girl; she was told her child would lose all functions over a short period of time along with her beautiful smile. Beth did her best to keep Eden smiling every day and to continue living as ordinary a life as they could. Eden never lost her ability to smile even in the end. They went to Disney World, Niagara Falls (3 times), and traveled as best they could until Eden passed away in 2016.

Even after this tragic loss, Beth knew she still wanted to be a mom and knew she was a really good mom to Eden. She decided to try adoption again but being a single mom and a teacher means funds are limited. Beth applied for a grant with Help Us Adopt (which she heard about from her adoption community) and gratefully received one. But the adoption will still cost her about $35,000. Beth says she does everything she can to live below her means because she wants to be a mom again.

On March 3, 2018, she is going to China to adopt another girl— who will turn 2 on March 6th, so her birthday present is becoming new Mom! She plans to name her Estella Joy, and she is over the moon excited. Estella also has special needs—she has an issue with her esophagus, which causes digestive and feeding problems.

She has had surgeries and is getting better and growing quickly (though at nearly 2 years old she still weighs less then 15 pounds). Beth says the special needs do not scare her; on the contrary, she feels she has learned so much with Eden that “equipped” her to be a mom of special needs kids. Becoming a mom is “her favorite thing she has ever done,” and she can’t wait to become a mom again.