What We Can Do to Help Foster Children

Too often we have read the horrific headlines about tragedies involving children in the foster care system; stories of them simply falling through the cracks. Children’s Rights is the leading national advocacy organization since 1995 demanding government accountability and systemic reform on behalf of the hundreds of thousands of children who enter into the custody of state care.
I first met one of the lead advocates fighting for these kids over email. Sara Bartosz became a fast friend as we formed a bond over our shared interests and that’s when I started learning more about the incredible work she was doing.
She often travels from state to state, week to week, over the many years, to protect children in the often-broken foster care system. Her stories horrified but also enlightened me. I knew I wanted to honor her in some way and got my chance on the Today Show by helping create a PSA to inform people about the work Children’s Rights is doing to protect children in foster care.

The result on top of a great PSA and informing the public, led to hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations. But that is just the beginning. So much more work needs to be done.