Let’s get inspired together

Gathering around a table is a time-honored tradition.

It’s a moment when politics, differences, and separateness are set aside, and we can simply share and listen.
Truly, some of life’s most fulfilling moments are felt in the honest exchange of stories, ideas, advice, recipes – you name it. Yet, real connections are being made less and less in our modern world.

That’s why I’m inviting you to use this virtual home as a forum for sharing.
For you to share your life lessons and stories, and for me to pull back the curtain on everything in my life too, from my personal health hacks, workout routines, recipes, advice and more.

Let’s gather ’round the table.

Start Sharing Today!

Submit your biggest life lessons, advice, challenges, or triumphs below and you may be featured on Things I Love: A Collection of Amazing Stories from People Around the World.


Post a photo of yourself and your loved ones (including pets!) gathered together and post them on social media with a caption sharing a lesson, story, recipe, or piece of advice.

Be sure to use the hashtags #athomewithnatalie and #storiesaroundthetable and tag Natalie @nmoralesnbc on Instagram and @NatalieMorales on Facebook to be entered to win a signed copy of At Home with Natalie.


  • This Sunday on @reelzchannel , The Breakfast Club: Behind Closed Doors, celebrates the 35th anniversary of the iconic ‘80s teen movie that changed pop culture, defined a generation, and introduced audiences to a troop of young actors later dubbed the Brat Pack. All new Sunday at 9 ET/PT
  • This morning on @todayshow how @google’s #projecteuphonia in partnership with @alstdi is trying to change life for those with speech impairments from diseases like #als & meet the amazing @teamdreafoundation who is doing her part to help
  • Had the pleasure of meeting Nakisha King, a Navy veteran who overcame homelessness and health challenges to launch a business to empower veterans and others. With the help of our sponsor @progressive, Nakisha and her family were in for a little surprise. Check out the link in my bio!
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  • Join me Saturday on @ReelzChannel as I host Jennifer Lopez: Behind Closed Doors and explore her acting and recording career that made her one of the most successful performers on the plant.
  • Excellent day of service volunteering at the wonderful LA based @foodonfootla helping feed our homeless... let’s celebrate the legacy of #mlk with acts of kindness.
  • Once Upon a Time in a Hollywood... one of the best #redcarpets #goldenglobes2020! Swipe right .. all tomorrow on @todayshow

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